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Did you know that it only takes about 2.3 seconds to create a change in your life?

It is a scientific fact that you can transform anything in your life easily and quickly, and here’s how.

Female in field with arms spread: 2.3 Seconds to Change

To change anything in your life in 2.3 seconds, we’re going to examine a set of neurons in your brain which are automatically turning on and off.

Then we’re going to reconfigure them so they turn on and off in a different sequence.
Transformation In 2.3 Seconds
So, when you think about it, transformation is binary…

It’s on and off.
It’s ones and zeroes.
It’s black and white.

Transformation is like a sequence of notes in a music sheet that’s going on and off that creates the music. But to the ear, you can’t really hear them turning on and off because they blend.

Another way to look at it is the LED lights in your TV, which are constantly turning on and off and adjusting the temperature of every bulb while you watch your favourite show.

So what does it all mean? It means that when you’re attempting to create transformation in your life, you have a set of neurons that are not connected.

Or they were connected, but the connection got severed, maybe, through a traumatic life experience.

Diagram of brain.

Now you have this iridescent white light inside of you that travels along axons inside your mind. This is not some light external to you. This is actually YOU. This is your life force energy deciding which ‘action potentials’ to fire today.

The funny thing about your light is YOU really ARE THE LIGHT. So whether you’re spiritual, religious, mystical or whatever it may be, scientifically speaking, you are, in fact, the light.

And through awareness and presence, you could direct this light wherever you want…

You can sit on a couch, become present, focus on your breath and direct your light down the neural network that gets you to put your sneakers on to go for a walk in the forest.

You can sit on a couch, become present, focus on your breath and direct your light down the neural network that picks up the TV remote and watches Netflix.

You can sit on a couch, become present, focus on your breath and direct your light down the neural network that pulls out an easel and a picture frame and starts painting a work of art.

You are the light inside your body, and you can determine where this light goes.

However, your light travels best down roads that you’ve already set up. So if you’ve set up a whole set of neurological connections, by that which you want, then this light can travel those roads more effortlessly.

Now keep in mind that while it takes 2.3 seconds to change your life, the transformation will not immediately stick.

The human brain has worked out that quite often, sometimes people create changes that they’re not sure of.

So the body doesn’t want to solidify and make permanent a change until it knows for sure it’s the change you want to make.

How It Happens

Animation showing neurons

Here’s how transformation occurs inside your brain. First, you have a presynaptic neuron, which is a neuron before the gap between two neurons, and it has a choice.

It can exert an extra amount of energy and close the gap. Or, if you’re not conscious, and you’re just walking around lifelessly in an unconscious state, like most people all over the world, your light, when it chooses to travel, will always seek roads that have no resistance.

That’s because the light and energy in your body are trying to conserve themselves. They are trying to ensure that it maintains as much of itself as possible.

So when your infinite light, as Deepak Chopra puts it, goes to collapse infinite possibility and chooses one road, it’s always going to choose the road that has the least amount of resistance in it.

So when you’re going to take an action in your life, your body will seek out any neurological network that has the least amount of resistance in it.

And the least amount of resistance is any network with the most amount of fat wrapped around it. So the most amount of myelin and fat wrap around a neuron, the less resistance the light has.

Smiling female looking down. Remember you are the light and you can direct it any way you want.

You Are Your Light

It’s important to remember that you are your light, and you can direct it any way you want. You can choose where your energy goes.

You can choose through awareness and presence where your light ends up.

However, most people are not present. Most people are not conscious, and most people are just repeating what they did yesterday… just bouncing in this pattern that they never set up that doesn’t serve them…

Let’s start to choose where you want your light to go. Let’s start to decide where you want to send your energy. Let’s make that decision now because here’s the thing.

You can change the direction in which your light flows at any point in time. You can always change the direction in which your light travels. You can always change the direction in which your life force energy is going.

And that new road can be anything you desire in your life, like getting up earlier in the morning, doing what you love, buying your dream home, resigning from your unfulfilling job, starting a new business, etc.

So whenever I sit down with a client, no matter what they say to me, I always remember how fast and easy it is to change your life because they’re just microscopic neurons that can be easily changed in 2.3 seconds.

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