Our unconscious mind is always trying to communicate with us

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Have you ever had a dream and wondered what the meaning of it was?

Have you ever seen the repetition of random events or symbols at different times of your life?

Have you ever randomly kicked your toe or hit your head and wondered why that might’ve happened?

Has the thought of someone from your past come into your mind randomly and then out of nowhere you may have heard from them or run into them?

Our unconscious mind is always trying to communicate with us however, we become so tunnel vision in the life that we are living, that we are totally missing all the subtle communication cues that are coming to us. Below is a story, that looking back on it now, had so much synchronicity and Coincidence that even the biggest sceptics in the world would have to question if there was something more behind it all.

On 31 May 2009’ my mother after many years of battling a multitude of illnesses, passed away. At the time I remember it being a relief because she had suffered for so long. My father, after some time, went on to live another two years making the most of everyday of his life. He passed away nearly 2 years later on 11 April 2011. He is and has always been, my constant guiding light in life and I believe, responsible for the many of the coincidences since his soul left this earth.

Fast forward four years, and in 2015 I was still working as a police officer but fighting the hidden demons of PTSD. At the end of 2015 I attempted to run away from my mind by going to sea sailing for over 3 1/2 months. When I returned, the brain of pain and fog had appeared to reduce slightly so I went back to work. On the weekend after being back only one week, I went to visit my step sister on the Central Coast, it was 11 April 2016, the anniversary of dad’s passing.

A house near her had a open house as I past it. Coincidently, I had to wait for my sister so I went and had a look at the home. It was crazy really, I was far from stable in anyway, my memory was getting worse and my mental mind was jumping all over the place. I had no certainty, no direction and I was losing full confidence in my ability to do anything.

BUT, looking back, I feel I was unconsciously driven by my intuition. There was a familiarity when I walked through the home, a connection, even a case of déjà vu. Even though I walked away from the home never intending to buy, it was like the seas parted in the next five days by the way all the events lined up and connected.

The bank called randomly on the Monday and said “we just need your signature to extend the pre-approval on your loan”, they were located just around the corner from work. On Tuesday I was asked if I could swap working the following Saturday to the Sunday, I said I suppose that means I could look at the house one more time. On the Wednesday, I was moved into a position at work that I felt would be stable and I hopped would give me a chance to prove myself again. So on the following Saturday, I went and looked at the home, made an offer, it was not back, and without a care, I shook my shoulders and said that’s totally fine, I’m not even sure why I’m buying it. As I drove back to Sydney, they called to say that they would take the offer and before I knew it, I had bought the home.

The day I moved into the home on 31 May 2016, the anniversary of my mothers passing. The home went on to become my sanctuary, my safe place to hide while going through the worst of the PTSD. It allowed me to focus on small tasks as I rebuilt confidence during my recovery and now, as you know, it has become the home of my workplace.

I do not believe in coincidence. I believe everything in this universe happens for a reason. It is just whether we are intune to the messages that we receive, the dreams that we have, the random events that occur.

Living here has now gone on to be the longest I’ve ever lived in one place in the last 50 years and it was the only certainty that I had during the worst of the PTSD symptoms. Even the building of my office in the backyard 3 years ago, occurred within weeks instead months and opened the day we went into lock down. It was like everything moved out of the way to make it happen, again.

Carl Jung was the first modern thinker to names such events like this as synchronicity. He believed it was the perception of meaningful coincidence and maintained that synchronicity was a principle of the universe, a law that operated to move human beings towards greater growth and consciousness.

Abraham Lincoln spoke of a coincidence that happened to him as a youth. A farmer sold him a old barrel of goods in his village. Abraham Lincoln could’ve brushed him off, but decided to pay the one dollar for an old barrel of old goods to help him out even though he believed it would probably not amount to anything. It was only much later when he cleaned out the old barrel, he found amongst the old cans and utensils, a full set of law books, with which he went onto study to become a lawyer and went on to pursue his remarkable destiny.

During my program, The Tipping Point to Empowering Change, one of the many things I teach everyone, is the power of deciphering the coincidences and dreams that are experienced in life and how to have more awareness.

There is a well-known saying, the universe will first tickle you with a feather, and if you don’t listen, it will throw a rock at you. If you still don’t listen, it will throw a brick at you and if you still don’t listen, it will hit you with a Mac truck. Either way, the universe or your unconscious mind will get the message across one way or the other, question is wouldn’t you sooner know what the message is from the feather instead of waiting to be hit with a Mac truck?

The Tipping Point for Empowering Change

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