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I am highlighted in On the Coast Over 55 Mar / Apr edition. The magazine is packed with wellbeing, travel and lifestyle tips by Coasties for Coasties.

I am very humbled and grateful to be invited to sit down with Luke and participate in his Podcast and to be included in his and Tanzie’s The Coast Over 55s Magazine.

I’m 57 going on 25 and I won’t lie, my ego was not keen on admitting I was ready for it. But that thought quickly disappeared to “if my Q &A with Luke helps just one person then I’m definitely more than ready”.

Thank you to everyone that has read it or picked up a copy at the shopping centres and messaged me, I’m really blown away by the amazing messages.

Screenshot of the article in the magazine Coffee with a Coastie

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Welcome to Coffee with a Coastie. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kerry Davenport. In 2017, Kerry was diagnosed with complex PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety. Then over the last 5 years has reinvented herself, releasing a book in 2022 along with others titled “Elevate Your Performance”. It is a true blessing that we still have Kerry here to talk to, as she mentions on her own website that a miracle of sliding door moments or universal intervention stopped her from taking her own life twice. Kerry now says she is extremely grateful for everything that she has experienced, as it fuels her passion and purpose to serve and help others through the same dark emotions. So it was with absolute gratitude that I got to sit down and chat with Kerry.”

Luke, On the Coast over 55

Read the article here (I am featured on page 4)

Listen to the full conversation in the podcast here:

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