Paddle with All Elements Coaching

Learn to Paddle a Ski, Kayak or Stand Up Paddle

My 1 hour SUP and surf ski lessons will give you a variety of skills and
knowledge to understand the key safety points of your equipment and where
you are paddling.

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

Master the Fundamentals

My goal and passions are to help as many people as I can close the gap from where they are, to where they want to be. On and off the water. Everyone is capable of achievement, of changing, of creating what they want to feel, see and have in life. How to stand up and paddle confidently, different brace strokes, several turning options and how to fall safety and mount the board again from the water. You will learn board stability and dynamics and paddle techniques, power generation, SUP and environmental safety.

Basically, all the skills you need to SUP by yourself or with friends. You can use your own equipment or I can provide you with a stable board, paddle and leash to ensure you have a good time. You also have the opportunity to paddle on the lake and/or on the ocean.

Surf Ski Lessons

Surf Ski Lessons

Perfect Your Technique

Ready to race across the water? Be it on Sydney Harbour, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast or the Central Coast, Surf Ski is a great way to spend the day. It is great for someone who’s always wanted to hit the open sea. Learn the basics of Surf Ski with me, so we can get you out on the water as soon as possible! A surf ski is a type of kayak. It is generally the longest of all kayaks and is a performance-oriented kayak designed for speed on open water. If you have your own equipment, I can assist to ensure you have a good time and receive good technical advice.

Whether you would like to try surfski paddling, need some one-on-one paddling coaching or you would like some extra paddling time – individual Sessions are the way to go.

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