Mindful Breath Mastery Workshop


Beginning in 2024, Mindful Breath Mastery one-day workshops are available. There is a limited amount of people per workshop to ensure everyone gets the best experience possible. Change the way you breathe and your life will change.

Mindful Breath Mastery

Have you ever dreamed of

  • Experiencing greater joy, feeling a sense of calm, and having more fulfilment in your life?
  • Be able to better manage your mental and physical health?
  • Enjoying every single day with clarity, focus and direction?
  • Living every day full of energy?
  • Sleeping peacefully all night?
  • Losing a few kilos?
  • Having more stability, strength, and endurance?

This workshop maybe the start of a new and exciting direction in your amazing life.

Perhaps you have wondered what your future looks like if you are unable to find solutions to the many physical, emotional, and mental problems that you have experienced, like stress, pain, exhaustion, being overweight, diabetics, sleeplessness, trauma, high blood pressure, IBS, and so on.

Too many people are just getting through each day and not living life to the fullest because of chronic illnesses, mental health issues and physical ailments.

BREATH: This ancient sanskrit symbolises what comes naturally to all. it's the first thing we do when we come in to this world, and the last thing we do when we leave it.

During my time as a Life Coach, Master Practitioner and hypnotherapist, I have seen hundreds of clients struggling with various mental health issues, physical injuries and chronic illnesses trying to just get by, day by day.  Through my own lived experience, I know how depressing and hopeless life can get when you feel you have no control of what you are experiencing.

To assist you in creating a positive change in your life, we have put together a workshop called Mindful Breath Mastery. It is a powerful platform providing knowledge, skills and easy-to-learn life-changing techniques that will be delivered face-to-face in small groups.

If you are ready…

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Since emerging from the severe symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress disorder after 27 years in emergency services, I have been driven to help others navigate through their own health and well-being issues.

My journey of recovery led me to become a Life Coach and to help others.  Today I realise that every single therapy session I attended, every course I ever studied, and every qualification that I have gained has had one major foundation:


Master your breath, and you can master your life.

I am the founder of All Elements Coaching Pty Ltd. As a Mindset, Life and Breath Coach, Free Diver and Keynote Speaker, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others.  Due to my experience with complex PTSD, I began looking at life’s obstacles with curiosity and awareness, which led to discovering my true purpose.

As I became more present, congruent, and connected to the world, I was motivated to understand all the modalities that helped me heal.

However, it wasn’t until I took up free diving that I joined the dots. I discovered there is one fundamental key, a foundation, a thread that is present, it is breath.

Mastering your breath can change your life.

And that’s exactly why we’ve created the Mindful Breath Mastery Workshop.

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But don’t take my word for it, there are numerous research papers, publications and books that’s all tell the same story. Learn how to master your breath and you can master your life and have control.

Breath Publications

Are you worried you can’t participate due to a medical condition?

If you really want to join us but are worried that you will not be able to participate in this workshop for some medical reason, please reach out to us. I can assure you, no matter what you are experiencing right now, you will benefit from learning the concepts that we present in this workshop.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am extremely passionate and driven and I have 100% belief the breath is the way forward for restoring our mental physical and emotional health.

If you are ready to change you life….

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What are some benefits of mastering your breath?

It activates your parasympathetic nervous system, particularly the rest and digest function, balancing the nervous system

It lowers your blood pressure and your heart rate

It uses the lower, larger, denser part of your lungs which allows you to breathe more efficiently and which in turn, increases energy

It helps you avoid constipation, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome

It supports the health of your back, neck and pelvic floor

It detoxifies your body by supporting the lymphatic system

It balances acidity and lowers inflammation helping with weight loss

It provides greater clarity, focus day to day

It reduces pain and gives you more control in your life

Mindful Breath Mastery provides a form of holistic medicine for our busy lifestyles. Breath is a remarkably powerful mind-body connection that everyone can use to effectively manage physical and emotional health. Breathing techniques delivered during the workshop can bring about improvement in mental, physical and spiritual health. Breath is one of the most powerful tools that a person can access and when used with awareness, and can improve nearly all parts of our daily life.

Mindful Breath Mastery provides simple, scientific exercises that anyone can use to quickly affect the autonomic nervous system, stress response, mood and energy levels. The objective is to empower students with the knowledge, understanding and tools to enhance their life.

Our approach is scientific, yet simple.

During the workshop, we will look at how we are currently breathing, (in many cases this is without awareness). This can be damaging to your health.

We will learn five balancing breath techniques designed to be used in your everyday life.

You know what to do next….

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One Day Workshop – $195

All Day Workshop

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For each participant who attends the program, you will receive handouts and recorded breath techniques that can be used as a resource after the workshop.

Workshop Content

Analysing the common barriers that can be detrimental to our health and how to change them.

  • The nervous system, including the fight/flight/freeze responses and how spending excess time here is literally killing us.
  • Learn how to stimulate the vagus nerve which is associated with relaxation and stress reduction 
  • The negative physical and physiological effects of breathing too much oxygen 
  • The differences between vertical and horizontal breathing and we will identify and practice healthy horizontal breathing
  • The importance of posture and how our head alone uses 20% of our oxygen intake
  • The importance of CO2 and balancing it with oxygen
  • Why mouth breathing is increasing your negative health issues
  • And more

3. Some of the many benefits you will gain from this workshop include:

  • A tangible tool to relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • improve digestion
  • increase balance and energy
  • improve mental focus and clarity
  • learn a safe, natural self-care tool and loads more

 4. Five breath techniques

Most importantly we will learn and practice five simple, but extremely effective breath practices for balancing the nervous system within minutes, creating more energy and repairing the cells.  

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Waitlists and Location Requests

We are expanding Mindful Breath Mastery Workshops across NSW. If you missed out on a workshop and want to be added to a wait list, or would like to request a workshop in your area, click here to fill out our form.

Waitlists and Workshop Requests
Kerry Davenport Breathing Workshop

About Kerry Davenport

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Breath Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Former Emergency Services Worker (27 years experience)
International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Heal the Inner Child - Certified Practicioner
Certified Results Coach