Elevate Podcast with Kerry Davenport – Trauma to Transformation

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Happy podcast Sunday.

All the podcasts for our book Elevate your Performance’ (mindset) are now out.

Here is a direct link to mine, and you can find all the other podcasts as well through this link. I hope you enjoy these.

The universe had to hit Kerry with a Mack Truck to wake her up. To change your life you have to first accept your life. Kerry says acceptance and vulnerability are the keys.

After PTSD having a career working as a police officer and firefighter, Kerry found her life’s purpose.

What you will learn in the episode:

  • The power of marrying personal values and goals to go for your True North
  • How curiosity and vulnerability are the secrets to heal
  • What childhood belief caused a pattern throughout Kerry’s life
  • How what we keep telling ourselves is just a story
  • The daily ritual that keeps Kerry connected in to the universe and how to discover your own recipe
  • There is no tomorrow, only right here right now
  • The magic to discover your own unique passions and gifts
  • The circadian rhythm we mirror from the universe and how our vibrational nature and energy is connected throughout everything. including us.

I hope you enjoy my new book.

Elevate Your Performance

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