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“ You are afraid of surrender because you don’t want to lose control. But you never had control, all you had with anxiety”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Atlas of the heart-Berne Brown

“…Language shows us that the naming of an experience doesn’t give the experience more power, it gives us the power of understanding and meaning….

People will do almost anything to not feel pain, including causing pain and abusing power. Very few people can handle being held accountable without rationalising, blaming, or shutting down and without understanding how our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours work together, it’s almost impossible to find our way back to ourselves and each other. When we don’t understand how emotions shape our thoughts and decisions, we become disembodied from our own experiences and disconnected from each other………

Language is our portal to meaning-making, connection, healing, learning and self-awareness. Having access to the right words can open up the entire universe. When we don’t have the language to talk about what we are experiencing, our ability to make sense of what is happening and share it with others is severely limited. Without accurate language, we struggle to get the help we need, we don’t always regulate or manage our emotions and experiences in a way that allows us to move through them productively, and our self-awareness is diminished…..”

Live your life with true happiness, clarity and direction.

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