What does happy mean to you?

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8 out 10 times when I ask a client what do they want in life they say, “I just want to be happy”. Or “I just want a normal life”.

The big question then is, “What does happy or normal mean to you?”

Picture of sunrise with a person standing on a rock.

No one person has the same answer and when you have experienced life and created coping mechanisms to get by day after day, year after year, you become disconnected from those true feelings, emotions and behaviours that create happiness, joy, fulfilment and so on.

“So often, when we feel lost, adrift in our lives, first instinct is to look out into the distance to find the nearest shore. But that shore, that’s solid ground, is within us. The anchor we are searching for is connection, and it’s internal. To form meaningful connections with others, we must first connect with ourselves, but to do either, we must first establish a common understanding of the language of emotion and human experience.” -Berne Brown

Over the coming weeks I am going to share some deeper meanings of that language of emotion.

I hope this will, in some small way, help at least one person gain a greater understanding of what they are feeling so they can define it from within to gain greater clarity and connection with themselves.

Live your life with true happiness, clarity and direction.

If you are ready to take action, move forward, release the past disempowering belief and trama's to create an amazing and empowering life, then I believe I can help you.